Nerdday Thursday: You know, this is–excuse me–a damn fine cup of coffee!

welcome_to_twin_peaks_by_samsayer-d4v2p06OMG Kyle MacLachlan’s legs are SO SKINNY OH MY GOD. SO SKINNNNNNNY. Welcome to the second installment of Nerdday Thursday: Twin Peaks.

This episode we meet Leo, Shelly’s husband. He’s a real charmer. By which I mean I’d murder him if I was stuck married to him. The actor’s a real ham, too, looks like a plank of wood until he mugs hideously, definitely a detriment to the show.

The town and residents of Twin Peaks (and Agent Cooper as well) seem so very nineteen fifties and sixties cliche…the bikers and the jocks are rivals, Audrey and Donna dressing in tight sweaters and knee length skirts, the insinuations that Audrey is a “bad girl,” the idea that jazz is “racket,” the earnest, heartfelt relationship between Donna and her mom, the overtones of abuse…but it’s almost definitely set in the late 80s, MAYBE early 90s. Basically present day when it aired. (That VCR in the first episode with the remote that was tethered to the player? OMG. I know my dad was a technophile (we had a CD player in 1988) but that had to be such a crap model to demonstrate how little funding the Twin Peaks sheriff’s dept has/needs, yes? That couldn’t indicate the setting as early 80s, could it? I mean, it’s a sleepy town, they’re not gonna get top of the line equipment, even after the homecoming queen’s murder.)

I’m not sure I understand the relationship between Pete, Josie, and Kathryn. I mean I know Josie married Kathryn’s brother, and Pete is Kathryn’s husband (at least I think so, they haven’t made it explicit), but it all seems so odd. (Though I suppose as the series goes on this will be the least odd things…) I wonder what the log saw….

Who the fuck did Sarah see when she hugged Donna? WTF?! (I figured out where I recognized her from, too–Big Love. Bobby’s father was Agent Scully’s dad on The X-Files too, and wore a similar uniform at least once on that show.) And how many people had half a heart from Laura Palmer, anyway?

Well I definitely want to watch more, right now! Alas, I don’t have time tonight. Though based on the episode title, I look forward to seeing if Agent Dale Cooper was an influence on the character of Detective Charlie Crews, 27 years later….


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