Nerdday Thursday: Next stop, rocket science

welcome_to_twin_peaks_by_samsayer-d4v2p06And now it’s time for the third episode of Twin Peaks, along with a lovely reference to The Shining.

That’s a weird creepy brothel.

Donna’s parents are super lenient! Mine wouldn’t have bothered with hinting that James should leave soon, mine would have kicked him out.

Maybe it’s my intense familiarity with The X-Files but teenagers in the woods in the Pacific Northwest just never meet good fates. Leo referring to himself in the third person is the best they could hope for. (Still creepy and gross.) Especially considering Bobby’s relationship with Shelly….

What’s the deal with the doughnuts? How does one get a table full of doughnut piles? I need one. Every day.

uhm. Cooper’s investigatory technique is…unorthodox. Now I wonder about Laura and Leo…. and what’s wrong with the women of this town? So many like to waste their time with abusive assholes.

I wish they gave Michael Horse more to do.

Ooh, Pete’s all sneaaaaaky! “Go to your room,” really?! Separate bedrooms isn’t that weird but sending your husband to his room like a 5 year old is….

Oh here’s the Lynchian dream sequence. Huh, I don’t know why, but I assumed Carnivale did the two different shoe heights on purpose, not that Michael J Anderson has one leg shorter than the other.

Somehow, I don’t think Cooper actually knows who killed Laura Palmer at the end of the 3rd episode….

I can’t get my head around this yet, but I’m definitely interested, though more in the denizens of the town than in the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer. I’ve done one episode a night for several nights but I started early tonight so I’m going to do another and write the next post.

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