Nerdday Thursday: Just ‘agent’ Audrey. Special Agent.

welcome_to_twin_peaks_by_samsayer-d4v2p06Welcome to another Nerdday Thursday, and the 4th episode of Twin Peaks. Agent Cooper is going to tell us what his dream told him about Laura’s murder, and then there will be a funeral.

“Do you know where dreams come from?” I love that Harry actually was disappointed when Cooper couldn’t remember what Laura whispered in his ear in the dream. If Cooper had said a name, would they have arrested that person based on his dream?

Kyle MacLachlan at this time in his life strongly resembles Keanu Reeves from certain angles. Well! Cooper reciting Leo’s record confirms this is definitely supposed to be the late 80s/early 90s. I wonder if the 50s-ish sensibilities are an indication of the weird, backwoods nature of the town.

I’m so puzzled about how all the relationships got to where they are…how did Ed and Nadine end up together? What drove Ben and Kathryn to one another? Was it before or after Pete became friends with Jocelyn? Why does Jocelyn live with them? How did Log Lady meet her log?

That was the most dramatic funeral ever….

I wonder if Agent Cooper survives entirely on coffee, pie, doughnuts, and breakfast. I could handle that…I’d be the size of a buick, but I’d be happy!

Wait, a presence? A darkness? WHAT?

So Jaques and Bernard are runnin’ coke from Quebec? Most Canadians don’t have French accents. Certainly not in Vancouver, which would be closer to Twin Peaks than most of Canada.

Leo’s such a douche, how’d he ever get Shelly to sleep with him, let alone marry him? I hope she shoots his fucking face off with that shiny pistol.

Yay more Michael Horse! It’s weird seeing Ray Wise in anything but an evil or comedically evil role…his mourning is unsettling and hammy at times, and I can’t tell if it’s on purpose or not.


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