First week of DCRG Bootcamp: COMPLETE

I continue to have intact bones! Yay! And I didn’t want to die after skating 27 laps (though it took a little more than 5 minutes to do them all) and I didn’t fall ONCE doing them! (The first time I did 25 in 5, back when it was 25 in 5, I fell like forty BILLION times because my quads were too weak and pathetic to handle it)

I also had a really great time. However, when working on transitions, I did a lovely little twirly fall, much like the one that happened to break my ankle so many years ago, and did some muscle damage to my right leg. At first it hurt SO MUCH (I think the plate in my fib made things hurt worse temporarily by holding my bone together, ironically) and I did the dry eyed sobbing thing as everyone took a knee. Slice and Hellie took care of me, using my helmet to prop up my leg and getting my skate and kneepads off and wrapping ice around my ankle and knee and distracting me with flirting and jokes. By the time my ice was secured to my leg I felt largely fine and they got me on the wall to watch the second hour of camp (and gave me some ibuprofen to help with pain and inflammation.) I was walking with a limp after an hour of rest, but I was able to drive myself home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do my post-bootcamp plans for the day (baby shower and helping friends move) because it would require lots of driving and lifting, and my leg was not up to that. (At least 3 hours of driving, when all was said and done.)

David and I had scheduled a tour of the Heavy Seas brewery for Sunday, so I brought a crutch to help me walk in case I needed it. I needed it quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday, off and on. Usually the first few steps were the ones I was most likely to need it (or fall! which I didn’t do but could have if not for convenient nearby counters and beds and the crutch) Last night I iced for an hour and then used the heating pad on my knee for half an hour (blood flowing = faster healing, but also swelling) and this morning I was barely limping at all when I got out of bed. I walked to the bus stop uphill and that stretched out my hamstring nicely (that’s the muscle at the back of your calf, if you didn’t know) which helped a lot with the limping, but every time I sit down it tightens right back up again, so I limp for a bit and then as it stretches I limp less. And then sit down and start again.

I brought ice packs to work for using after being a bit active (first application was post commute because though I avoided walking the escalators, it’s still a lot of walking for an injury, second will likely come after doing some shelving) and I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow after work, because while I know what to do with my ankle (so much tracing of the alphabet with the big toe for now) I haven’t hurt my knee before, so I’m not sure what to do about it. Also I want to know when I can go back on skates again. The adventurous part of me is like THIS WEEKEND YOU’RE FINE but the smart part of me is like “probably take at least this Saturday off, maybe next week’s boot camp too.) And I’m listening to smart half with the caveat that if the doc is like “okay, take a week to rest it” then I will only miss skating this one weekend.


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