Injury Update

Went to the doctor last night between work and scrimmage. Saw a different after-hours doc than I usually do, who was lovely and nice and didn’t really tell me anything about my knee. (Which is what I worried about more than my ankle, because I know what to do with that.) She gave me a referral for an x ray and a prescription for anti-inflammatories and told me to sleep with my leg propped up which I did last night. Then I went to scrimmage. I don’t have any sort of catchy kind of continue reading thing but please do

I penalty timed with Vena Schnitzel  and was generally very distracted and distracted her, but it was a good time and we didn’t ruin the scrimmage by making anyone stay in the box way too long or anything like that, we just occasionally had to scramble a bit. We were not focused at all though. And my leg was hurting a lot more than it had been before…

I got home a few minutes before bedtime. I got some food and fed the cats and was in bed with my knee and ankle bound (knee is making nice with the Velcro-ended ace bandage that had once held a splint to my right leg and my ankle brace wrap thinger is on my ankle and two pillows under my right leg (and, at times, over my left, when I was laying on my side) and the heating pad wrapped around my calf (not in contact with ankle or knee, but trying to soothe ye olde hamstring) and meds in my system. It was 10 or 11.

Sometime after 2am I fell asleep. By which I mean that’s the last time I checked the clock before falling asleep. But it was probably at least 3 am. I heard my alarm but snoozed and then apparently turned it off. I woke up when I should have been on the metro. This morning was unpleasant. no sleep, breakfast was hurriedly guzzled crunchy m&ms (3-4 servings a handful at a time) and then I stupidly decided to leave my ice packs at home because I felt amazing but that went away after commuting and working a bit. There was a wannabe preacher on the traincar. He was loud and annoying but generally preaching for a very inclusive God, so I did not yell at him, I just complained on the internet.

Loudly complaining at a coworker and listening to Professor Blastoff helped me chill a bit but I definitely feel on edge and easily tipped to the loud frustrated noises side of things.

I’m gonna go down and get coffee real quick before the shop closes. (decaf)



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3 responses to “Injury Update

  1. Have you gone for the XRay yet?

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