Nerdday Thursday: The owls can’t see us in here.

welcome_to_twin_peaks_by_samsayer-d4v2p06 And here we are in the 6th installment of our first Nerdday Thursday series. “Copoer’s Dreams” was signficantly lacking in actual dreams, alas, but did reference the one big weird one he had….

Let’s get the thing most important to me out of the way first: why the fuck isn’t Leo dead. I know he’s not dead because we didn’t get to see him after Shelly shot him. I WANT LEO DEAD.

Next most important thing: ahhh, the plot, it thickens. What is ol’ Ben up to, conspiring with both Catherine and Jocie? He’s got to have an angle, one that makes him lots of money, or else he wouldn’t be involved. Also, Audrey spying on him and Catherine in his office? Kinda gross. I assume that’s part of why she was crying while watching Leland. It’s hard, when you think you should be mourning something but you don’t, really, because it wasn’t a big deal in your life, and so you take whatever opportunity presents itself to you as a chance to cry.

Dr. Jacoby continues to enrage me as his portrayal of a mental health professional. And obviously his time alone with Bobby was more about his desire to understand Laura than to help Bobby (like that needed explaining) but the fact that the cops are consistently listening to and acting on Agent Cooper’s intuitions and dream-based suspicions makes the alternate world-ness of the series’ rules pretty clear. Like when I watch Hannibal, and I have to set my brain to working on Fuller-verse rules, where it snows an awful lot in northern Virginia and there’s never any traffic to keep Will Graham from driving from Wolf Trap to Baltimore in 30 minutes (literally impossible even if there WAS no traffic), Twin Peaks takes place in a noir universe where the detective’s gut instinct is not just a hunch but a reliance on dreams and visions, to the point that even Agent Mulder would make fun of the investigative leaps. The fact that the leaps do seem to connect the dots helps, too. Still, people in reality watched this show and saw in Dr. Jacoby exactly the sort of hippy-dippy frooferal they expected of mental health professionals, reinforcing a dangerous stereotype that drives me to distraction!

The scene at the Log Lady’s cabin was great, and I love that Michael Horse is getting more to do and is never mocked for his heritage (though I wish the show didn’t rely on the Native American: Master Tracker trope, but at least it wasn’t as ridiculous as the example on the TV Tropes magical tracker page)…Ben and Jerry get more and more obnoxious and hateable every episode they’re in, which I’m sure is on purpose…I actually enjoy hating them, though, so I’m okay with it.

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