Injury Update and The Experimenting, Day One

So on Tuesday I went to my follow up with the doc. I also went to The Boy’s house, because we’re testing out me commuting from his place in anticipation of making it our place. Yay! The appointment went well and very quickly. The doc asked how I was doing and I told her I felt totally fine (which is the whitest of lies, I actually feel 98% fine) and could comfortably run both up and down stairs, pain free. She was very impressed so I didn’t tell her I found this out by forgetting to bring my lunch to work, then forgetting to bring a method of payment with me to buy lunch so I had to run back up to the third floor and then down again to get to the place I was buying food from in order to give them money before my soup got cold. She said my x-ray was mostly clear, that there weren’t any spurs or …uh, I can’t remember any of the other medical terms she used. Hrm. Well, anyway, the x-ray does show something that is indicative of a repetitive or chronic injury? Which is weird because I’ve never hurt either of my knees before.  But she said that since I hadn’t hurt myself before and I feel fine, to not worry about getting an MRI, and to do knee-strengthening exercises. She did say I can’t skate for another week, though. CURSES. I am considering skating Saturday anyway since that’s 3 weeks from the injury and also most of a week from the admonishment, and I didn’t specify when I asked that I wouldn’t be on skates until Saturday anyway…we’ll see. GTA, Scoriental Express, and Lois Slain all gave me pointers and tips on how to strengthen my knees (and ankles and hips!) so hopefully I’ll get them all strong and stop/prevent myself from injuring them.

I was having a fairly grumpy day yesterday, and it was only made grumpier by traffic on the way to The Boy’s house. Today could have been pretty grumpy too, but I’m working on reframing how I react to stuff. We were going to do this test run a few weeks back, but there was gonna be snow and we weren’t sure we wanted to complicate things too much. (Seems that we can’t avoid it, however, as there’s snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Bah.) I had looked up both how long it should take me to get to the MARC train station with no traffic AND the “typical traffic” for the hour I’d be driving there, and added that to the time I’d be on the train, and added a little padding for parking and Google underestimating traffic. That’s how I decided to leave at 7:15-7:20 this morning. Unfortunately, Google vastly underestimated typical traffic (I checked maps again this morning around 7 with live traffic, and it thought traffic would add 5 minutes. it added a LOT more) so I was pressed for time when I pulled into the parking lot. Which was full of cars. (There is overflow parking, but you have to pay and be a subscriber or something? also it’s like a half mile away.) There were a couple spots at each row that would have been full, no doubt, as well, but were empty of autos due to being half full of snow from stupid plowing. (seriously, who is like “oh, we don’t need parking for our business, you don’t have to plow ALL the parking spots?”) I drove around looking for a spot for several minutes and then watched the train leave without me and decided I’d just drive to the closest metro station (New Carrollton) and  metro in from there. Which I did, and it went fine, but I ended up being 25 minutes late (and 35 later than I aim to arrive.) I was not thrilled (though I admired the parking garage at New Carrollton and it’s ample parking that allowed me to easily find a spot at 8:45am on a weekday) but when I got on the train for my $11 train ride (*sigh* it WOULD have been under a buck from my metro card if things had worked according to plan) I decided to mentally frame it as a learning experience and an adventure, as I told my coworker and also Facebook. Tomorrow will be…

well that sentence SHOULD have ended “will be better,” but tomorrow will likely be a clusterfuck because it’s predicted to snow. But only 1-3 inches so we’re unlikely to get the day off , which would be fine except the bulk of the snow is expected to fall between 4 and 8am, when most of the Washington-Baltimore metro area will be commuting. My plan BEFORE I knew that was to instead leave no later than 6:50 but now I’m wondering if I should leave even earlier. (Also I’ll have to get up earlier, which means I’ll have to set the alarm for earlier. Also use the snooze alarm less. But I knew that second part anyway.)  I think I accidentally typed myself into a bit of a grump. ADVENTURE. LEARNING.


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  1. Good luck on the commute tomorrow!

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