“Bobby’s gonna deal with everything.” Nerdday Thursday returns!

welcome_to_twin_peaks_by_samsayer-d4v2p06 Somehow, I doubt that, Bobby. Somehow I doubt it. Welcome back to Nerdday Thursday’s foray into the weirdness of the Pacific Northwest.

I watch several episodes at a time, but then go several days without watching, so I had forgotten that Audrey was in Agent Cooper’s bed. I’m not surprised he turned her down, though.

So Lucy’s pregnant, I’m guessing, and that’s why she’s cold-shouldering Andy?

Not at all surprised that Leo is still alive, either. Or that he wants to kill Bobby (or that he immediately assumed Shelley wouldn’t shoot him to defend herself unless she was cheating and encouraged by said cheater. Scumbag.)

Wow, Hank, fish a little more obviously. The actor is familiar, but I dunno where from. Is this town entirely just creepy creepers and the bookhouse boys? No middle of the road normal types at all?

When Audrey conned her coworker out of the number for Black Rose, they probably should have either made her write a number or changed the angle of the camera because she definitely just wrote “Black Rose.”

Whenever you gamble with the company stake, Cooper? You do this a lot? LOL”How well you know her?” “That’s good enough for me.” Great detecting there, Coop.

Life insurance policy on Catherine?! Since it pays out to Jocie, I assume Catherine or Ben are using this to frame Jocie…from Catherine’s refusal to sign, I’m guessing Ben. Or Jocie is just being really stupid. Or would it be stupid? If it cast doubt on Ben in Catherine’s mind….I’m over-thinking, aren’t I.

OMG I NEED A BRIEFCASE FULL OF MOUSTACHES. Add that to my order of impeccably arranged and stacked doughnuts. Preferably WITHOUT myna bird blood and feathers.

Wow, those are terrible disguises. Barney and Fred?! Really? TV is giving me a very bad opinion of the FBI.

It’s difficult to resolve what I think I know about this show with what it’s showing me. Makes me wonder if I’m wrong about what I know.

I know Ben and Jerry were named for the ice cream company, but it makes me laugh whenever they use their names.

Hester Prynne? Really, Audrey? You must think you’re clever. I’m glad that didn’t work on Big Rose, I’d have to throw something at my tv. Oh is THIS why everyone was obsessed with tying cherry stems in knots with their tongues in the early 90s? I wonder if Laura Palmer is why some people like the baby voice, too.

What the hell, how did Bobby know where they went when they took James’ motorcycle to Doc Jacoby’s? And what kind of idiot is he that he thinks sugar in the tank is gonna do anything but ruin the engine? I know I need to stop looking for real-world logic here but this episode is really testing my ability to do that!

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