I am alive and living in a new place

hiiiiii! I didn’t forget this blog existed, I just have been hella busy (bringing back the term “hella” to the mainstream, obviously) and will likely continue to be for the next month. So here follows a quick and dirty recap. Moving: It was a little bit down to the wire, but I got everything out of the apartment before I had to be totally out. I was planning on doing a lot of cleaning, too, but because of a) the time crunch and b) the fact that the maintenance team came by last Saturday to ask if they could start working on repairs Monday (I wasn’t due to be out until Tuesday) and also tell me that they were gonna trash my major appliances so I shouldn’t bother cleaning the oven or fridge, I ended up skipping a lot of that (because when I came to get the last of my crap on Monday, they had made a bit of a mess anyway). I also apparently didn’t need to buy spackle and patch all the holes from hanging stuff, but I did it all anyway before they told me so *shrug* I had a great almost-5-years at Southern Management’s Top of the Park Apartments and recommend them to anyone in the College Park/Riverdale/Hyattsville area. Also I had movers come move my heavy/large furniture last Thursday and that was also a great experience (next time, I might let them move more, since they got things done before the minimum hour rate, and so I could have gotten 40 more minutes of work out of them for no extra money and way less effort on my part). I used a DCRG sponsor, Bookstore Movers, and they were fantastic; quick, helpful, willing to move furniture until you are happy with where it is, and the guys were all friendly too. If you’re moving in the general DC area they are a great option, and less expensive than the quote I got from 2 Marines (who are also a great company, the Boy used them for a couple of his moves and recs them.)

Work: continues apace. I enjoy my coworkers and boss, and the work, while not super exciting, is a thing I get paid for, and that’s great.

Living with the Boy: is going well! This is the first time I’m living with a romantic partner, and his first time as well, so we’re sorta doing everything by ear. I need to find places for all my junk and we need to get the cats acquainted (Pico is not particularly interested in meeting my kitties, and we have been keeping them separated but feeding them at least one meal at the same time so they get used to one another) and then I imagine things will settle into a routine. Sharing the bed with someone who needs to get up later than I do makes getting up on time a lot easier because I don’t want to disturb him with the snooze alarm. Yay!

Derby: I did the Winter 2015 boot camp session with DCRG’s current class of freshies, and am looking at doing the Spring one as well, but I have also been skating as fresh meat with Free State up in Rockville. The driving time difference between home and the two leagues is negligible, Free State will probably let me start scrimmaging a lot sooner, and I really like them, they’re really fun. I was sort of on the fence (I don’t remember where I mentioned it, but I felt very torn about which league to skate with, and like either choice would be a betrayal in some weird way to the other league) but I have gotten nothing but support from DCRG skaters about skating with Free State, which really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I am still NSOing with DCRG, but will probably NSO more with Free State than I had (I’ve done it before but not regularly)…last night at scrimmage I learned how to jam time, which was the last NSO position I hadn’t done at least once. So yay, learning! On Sunday I get assessed for level 1 skating. I don’t really know what that means at Free State but yay! And I hope to do cross-training with some of the DC freshies because 1) they’re lovely and 2) I can never make the FSRD cross training sessions! and cross training with buddies is always better than cross training alone.


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