This has not been the best week.

I’m trying to stay positive but I keep sliding into ragemode. So I’m hoping listing out all the annoying things here will help. *fingers crossed*

Sunday: Migraine/Sinus headache one-two punch knocked me out of commission. The Boy had to go to my apartment to do carloads of moving himself, which meant less stuff moved since only his car was getting loaded up instead of both his and mine. This lead to needing to go to the apartment Monday after work to move more things.

Monday: aforementioned post-work trip to the apartment. Very annoying. I have to take the train halfway home (current home, not old home) then drive in back toward the city to go to the apartment. There was some sort of breakdown with the MARC trains and I didn’t leave the station until after 7pm (instead of at 6:23 when the train normally leaves). I took two wrong exits on the way to the apartment, making me get there even later, reducing time to pack up. Because I told Jose they could start work Monday, he and Dago had to move all my leftover shit into the middle of the living room, so a lot of stuff is still missing (in that it’s in a box or bag somewhere but I have no clue which box/bag). The Boy accidentally murdered my head with the metal hook end of a bungee cord that slipped out of his hand while I was securing the opposite end under the handcart. It got me right in front of the ear. It hurt like a motherfucker.

Tuesday: Head unhappy. (but the rest of the day was basically good.)

Wednesday: 1st day using my monthly MARC/Metro unlimited pass, lost it. Didn’t notice until someone called, but since my number is in the directory as the 8th floor file room number, someone up there had to call me to give me the message that it was at security. I went to security, they were completely unaware, asked if it was an April Fools prank. Returned to my desk, now worried about lost, very expensive card. New message: card isn’t at security but will be brought to it; cell phone # and name of person who found it. Further, email from person with different name saying they found it and would bring it by. Much confusion. No answer on cell. Then email from cell owner asking to meet across the street. Finally arranged to get my card back.

Yesterday: very very very very very very tired. So tired I had non-decaf coffee (mixed in with decaf, but still). At some point between when I showed the conductor my ticket on the MARC and when I got to my car, my ticket disappeared. (I slept, so it could have been stolen. I find it unlikely that it would have slipped out and fluttered to the ground without me noticing since most of the time my eyes are aimed at the ground 2-4 feet in front of my feet and the card was on a lanyard around my neck so I very likely would have seen it in my peripheral vision, but it’s not guaranteed.) Waiting for MARC lost and found to open so I can ask if anyone turned it in, but suspect I am out almost $240 bucks plus I’ll have to, you know, replace it. Though since MARC is discontinuing the MARC/metro pass due to Metro discontinuing paper tickets and MARC not being able to scan smartrip cards, I will be saving a tiny amount of money by getting the regular monthly pass. Just have to figure out how to secure it so it’s easy for me to access and difficult for it to escape. On the bright side, I napped on the couch with my kitties from 7:30 until 10:30 and then was asleep in bed by 11:30.

This morning: still so very angry about that damn MARC/metro card.


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