derby explosion!

on the way home from scrimmage Wednesday I saw what was either a really bright shooting star or an experimental aircraft going down over Fort Meade. Either way: NEAT. So I got mixed up last week, this Sunday was not the assessment; it was the dry run for the assessment (basically they do the assessment without assessing anyone, so people can have an idea of what they’ll be assessed on.) Based on the general feedback for the group last night, I have no worries about passing the assessment next Sunday. I even managed 23 in 5 (which, because the track is smaller than regulation, is their version of 20 in 5, which is the first assessment minimum of laps in 5 minutes thing…to advance after this assessment it’s 27 in 5 then 30 in 5) and I think I’d have done better except I fell a couple times early on getting used to my new wheels. So next week will be better because I got used to my new wheels! Woo! I was SO hungry after. I had a protein bar and then I made The Boy microwave a frozen Amy’s Bowl for me while I hung up my gear to dry out and I wolfed that down and then I really wanted to eat like, a  gallon of ice cream. but I didn’t because I have SOME willpower. Some….

Saturday is DCRG’s last bout at the DC Armory for the season. I’ll be NSOing. Sunday Free State has their first (away) bout of the season and is also doing assessments (not everyone is rostered for the bout because of assessments and the size of the league, even though there are now two Free State teams-the Black-Eyed Suzies and the RockVillians) then next Saturday is the first (home) bout for FSRD. Later this month Charm City is doing their home season champs, too. It’s a very derby April.


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