Sunday Night We Assessed.

and results of the assessment went out today! I did not pass. But I almost did, and I’m going to next time.

My main issue was plow stops. Which I do pretty regularly but find myself having particular trouble with on the Striders floor. I will need to be able to plow on all sorts of surfaces, though, so I just gotta figure out what I need to do to plow as well there as I can elsewhere. Also I’m still like 70/30 on whether or not my plows actually stop me. So they needed work anyway.

The email included comments from “one assessor” (who I assume was Lady M-80 because she had made a similar comment about my 4 point falls during the assessment) to work on not rolling when I do static stepping (which is what I THOUGHT would be the thing to keep me from passing), work on staying low during all-8s, and to make sure that my knees don’t hit the floor at the same time when I do a four-point fall. Four point falls aren’t required for the WFTDA assessment but since the changes back in ’13 I always felt like that was a mistake (it’s the most common fall I think, or maybe second-most after 1-knee)…I actually do this fall more than any other ever because I fall a lot. My knees do hit the ground 1-2 most of the time, like in a 2-knee fall, but in order to avoid the “2-knee fall then down on wrist guards” style mistake, they hit at ALMOST the same time so I can see it seeming like the same time to an outside observer.

Static stepping is on the WFTDA reqs, and it was before the 2013 changes, so I was bitterly disappointed when I looked for drills or tips on how to master them and found none. There are a lot of drills that USE static stepping, but none that are designed to help you figure it out. I can do forward and backward stepping okay but on left and right steps I always end up rolling. When we do happy feet/stomp the yard style stomping, I can use my edges to stay in one spot about half the time (until the last day of DCRG’s boot camp when Comma shouted out the instruction that it was about edges, I couldn’t stay in one spot or on my feet at all) but not consistently.

I’m trying to find a place to practice footwork and plows that is relatively flat, outdoors, and near my house, but unless I can get my grandmother to let me take over a bay in her garage so far I’m coming up bupkis. Rinks aren’t big fans of derby skaters drilling (though I hear the one in Odenton isn’t too down on skill work except practicing falls which they don’t like). Also the rinks close to me are still kinda not-close. I plan to spend my Tuesday evenings at Wheels and maybe Thursdays at Skate Zone (dollar night!) but I have to finish unpacking/putting stuff away before I can do that regularly. The Boy has started complaining a little about how much time I’m spending doing derby (which is not that much more than I spent when I lived at my place and was not juggling responsibilities to 2 leagues, but since we didn’t live together it didn’t affect him as much)…I committed to NSO with DC for the rest of the season and there’s 2 practices a week for Free State plus bouts, so while I’m doing fewer practices with DC I’m still doing a lot…and I get that he thought he’d see me more when we lived together (that was part of the plan!)…I dunno. I wish there was derby a little closer to where we are instead of 45 minutes to an hour away.



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2 responses to “Sunday Night We Assessed.

  1. Girl you rocked yesterday. I’m proud of you. Let me know when u find a practice space and I’ll be down to drill with ya! Stay positive!

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