Oops, I did it again

I broke my ankle. The other one this time! Apparently I really crave symmetry.

At practice last night we were doing transitions (skating forward, turning around and skating backwards, or skating backwards and turning around and skating forwards) and I was doing pretty well with that but then we started doing two back to back so we were essentially turning in a circle. My feet got tangled up together and I fell. I was looking at my left skate boot as I fell, saw it go horizontal as my leg stayed vertical, heard the snap, and yelled as I fell, first wordlessly then “fuck it’s broken!” then lots of sobbing. It really fucking hurt. A lot. I clutched Evilyn Ivy’s hand so hard I turned my own purple (and when she pointed it out I was so out of it I apologized to her, lol)

Luckily for me, one of the other fresh meat skaters is an RN (her derby name is Hatchet), and she splinted my ankle (while I whimpered and Ivy distracted me with questions about The Boy and the house) Then Jabber drove me to the hospital and hung out with me until The Boy arrived.

The preliminary diagnosis is bimalleoral fracture but we won’t know for sure until I see an ortho. My insurance requires the referral to come from my primary care physician so I am waiting for them to respond to my online request for an appointment (because I couldn’t find the phone number on the website this morning to just call) The ortho that took the plate out of my right leg last April is, sadly, not covered by my current insurance plan, but hopefully the new one will be good too.

I was planning on going to work today but I forgot how hard it is to sleep sans opiates with a broken ankle in a splint, so I didn’t sleep well, and then I smacked my leg into the tub trying to go pee this morning. So I took today to rest up and will be back tomorrow. Though I’m not entirely sure how I’ll carry stuff around at work yet. Maybe a backpack.



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4 responses to “Oops, I did it again

  1. Sending you lots of good thoughts and healing energy. And yes, I recommend a backpack while you’re on crutches. I couldn’t have done it without one.

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