Commuting adventures

I stayed home yesterday because I was exhausted and also smacked my leg into the tub trying to pee. So today was my first time attempting to commute.

The Boy drove me to the train station because my car is still at our practice space. (I was hoping to drive it home Sunday but they wanted me to have some Percocet at the ER…no driving drugged up!) I’ve never noticed how huge the 4 inch gap between the train and the platform is until today. It’s giant. I was sure I was going to kill myself crutching over it (despite the fact that I cover a lot more ground in one swing on the crutches than 4 inches normally)¬† and a very nice guy was letting me go in front of him and I’m sure he regretted it as I stared into the abyss known as “the gap.” Naturally once I crossed it, it was no big deal at all. All but an inside seat were taken in the handicapped area of the train car I chose but when I asked the gentleman next to said empty seat to scoot over, he got up and told me to take both seats (which was nice because I’m supposed to keep my foot at waist level and also it’s really difficult to sit in a normal seat like a normal person)

The train station was sooooooooo hot and muggy when we arrived. It took me forever to get to the elevator. Then it took the elevator forever (as they always do for the metro) and it took me a lot longer than I’d expected to get a tiny way down the platform. When I got on the train some other guy didn’t make it, and was angry, but sorry, dude, I moved as quickly as I could. 2 women offered me their seats but since I was only going one stop I said I’d stand. (I should have sat!) I normally go most of the way down the platform before boarding, but since I couldn’t this time, I had a long trek to the elevator. Also there are totally two elevators and I thought the one I was getting on was the one I didn’t get on. NBD though, the other is on the other platform so I wouldn’t have been able to take it anyway.

The walk from the metro to work is usually 5-10 minutes. It took me over 30 to crutch it. I kept having to stop and rest. It doesn’t help that my left arm, where I got hit during a blocking drill, has a hugenormous bruise (it’s bigger than my fist) and is super sore even without using my arms to support myself…. I ended up being 15 minutes late. And drenched in sweat. I am super dreading crutching back to the metro. But Ridin’ Dirty is picking me up and taking me to my car and lending me a knee scooter, so tomorrow will be a lot easier.


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  1. I’m glad you made it eventually. Transit on crutches is not fun. Take care and don’t push too much.

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