Bout Report and Surgery

I am both super amused and super embarrassed about what happened when I was waking up from the anesthesia! Which I will totally tell you about, but first, FSRD V. CJRV and the lead up to my hilarious shame. Also, some news that I haven’t shared anywhere yet!


Basha Kneesta as David Bowie

Basha Kneesta as David Bowie

I was hoping to get a bit of stuff done Saturday before the bout (shower, go to library, prepare food and eat it, do makeup for the bout) but I forgot how tiring it is to get up and

Me post bout. I also had on sneakers and a skirt Bash made me out of unicorn spande (unicorns and rainbows and stars on a black field). and sneakers, because wheel scooter. (my usual bout day skirt is a very rock star skirt, but too tight to use the scooter)

Me post bout. I also had on sneakers and a skirt Bash made me out of unicorn spande (unicorns and rainbows and stars on a black field). and sneakers, because wheel scooter. (my usual bout day skirt is a very rock star skirt, but too tight to use the scooter)

move around. I ended up showering, doing makeup, and eating, but The Boy made me food, and the library is still waiting for me.  I also took a lovely mid-morning/early afternoon nap. Driving myself to the bout went well, and I was much admired, which I always love because, well, mildly narcissistic. Free State often has suggested dress code

themes for Sunday night practice (you aren’t penalized for not participating or anything, it’s just for fun) and to celebrate the RockVillains’ home debut, we had a rock star theme. Any volunteers that weren’t officiating were encouraged to dress like rock stars (some did specific ones, some did a general rock look from various eras and genres). I was officiating, but I did a semi-rockstar look… I had to accommodate the fact that I was on the knee scooter, so I worried I looked more like a toddler who had been allowed to dress herself, but it was fun anyway.

This was the first Free State bout that conflicted with a DCRG bout (the DC travel teams were playing the Charlottesville travel teams, including former Fright Attendant Sharp Shredder!) so that was a little disappointing to miss, but Free State is my league now and this was a big deal event for us, being the first home bout for the Villains, so I wasn’t too upset about missing it. I got score updates online and when I’m done typing I’ll be checking out Pablo Raw’s album of photos from their bout.

The Villains were playing the Central Jersey Roller Vixens (formerly Red Bank Roller Vixens)…they’ve been around for a bit but the team was a lot of new skaters, according to the grapevine. The played well, though need to work on penalties (it felt like a very penalty-heavy game for both teams, actually, though I wasn’t tracking or timing so I can’t say that for sure). However, the RockVillains were serious rock stars, both defensively and offensively. I was scorekeeping for the Vixens for the first half, and the Villains held them scoreless for the first 3 jams, then they scored 4 points on the 4th jam, then it was mostly scoreless jams for the Vixens. At halftime, the score was 253 Free State to 18 Central Jersey. Jam refs switch teams at the half to keep things fair, and the scorekeepers do too, so I was tracking FSRD for the second half. That was a very mathy half and I’m afraid I made an arithmetic mistake towards the end and didn’t catch it until it was too late to fix. (the rules don’t allow for changing them once the next jam has elapsed, due in large part to a game DCRG was playing in playoffs. Fortunately, the game was such a blowout that it wouldn’t have made a significant difference had I caught it sooner anyway. I will work on my speed-adding a little more to try and prevent this from happening again. The second half was a good one for the Vixens, though with such a huge lead the Villains weren’t worried. Both teams played their best the whole time, which can be hard when you’re behind by so much, and it can be tempting to stop out of misguided kindness if you’re ahead that much, so that makes me happy and proud of all the skaters. Final score was 472-46. I skipped the afterparty so I could go home to rest my leg, and since I didn’t need meds at all all day, I enjoyed a beer I had picked out before I broke my leg (the day before the break, in fact!)

Injury care:  I was only taking the percocet at night last week because I was dealing with some semi-painful leg twitching that would wake me up, and then Friday night tried out sleeping without it and that was doable, so for the first few days I was mostly just taking ibuprofen. My insurance requires referrals to come from the primary care physician, so I arranged an appointment for Wednesday morning. (Luckily for me, though I am out of sick time and there is a limit to how much time off without pay I can take, my boss is really going to bat for me with HR and trying to figure out how to get my time off okayed)…the plan was show up, get referral, go to work and call the ortho to set up an appointment, but my PCP said she’d have the reception staff call and set it up for me to get me in faster, and they had not only 2 same day appointments but one of them was available at the top of the next hour. So I went to the ortho office, (work knew I’d be late) and filled out their forms (on a tablet! it was really neat, and housed in an anti-bacterial case). I got there early but wasn’t even sent back until 15 or 20 minutes after the hour, which was annoying, but everyone was nice and these things happen. I gave the ortho my x rays (the ER gave them to me on CD, but not in a format my computer can read, or I’d share them because I think that’s neat) and she said I’d definitely need surgery, there’s no surgeon at that office location, and sent me to the other office location (which is closer to where I live and where my PCP is, but didn’t have an opening when the reception staff called. I got squeezed in though!) At the Glen Burnie office I saw Dr. Bear and then got to wait a while to schedule my surgery with the patient rep. So long in fact that I got up to pee and missed them calling me back! But I got it scheduled (for yesterday) and headed back to my PCP’s office to talk to them about the tests needed pre-surgery. Luckily for me, since I had gotten my yearly physical a couple weeks before, I didn’t need to do anything! They faxed my bloodwork to the ortho and that was that. By that time I was EXHAUSTED from all the running back and forth, and called out for the whole day and went home and napped. And I didn’t need percocet to sleep, so I tried sleeping the night without it Friday night (and it worked!) so I started only using it for when I smacked myself into stuff and caused a lot of pain.

Already posted about my commuting woes, so I’ll skip all that. The surgery was scheduled for 5:45 Monday, and I had to stop eating and drinking, even water, at midnight Sunday. (That is, technically midnight Monday, but since I was still up, it seems more like Sunday night than Monday morning.) In order to fortify myself for that lengthy fast, I drank a lot of water and gatorade and ate a LOT of food. All night. Right up until 11:58pm, which is when I finished the last of my gatorade. One of my leaguemates drove me in to the surgery center and kept me company for a while. We talked cats and derby and injuries. The center was backed up for some reason (someone’s surgery took lots longer than expected, I assume, since I don’t think they handle emergency surgeries there) and they pushed back my surgery to 6:30 (so hopeful! so wrong) but my doc didn’t show up until closer to 7. He gave me the low down on using meds after (nerve block, which is still in effect!! would wear off sometime today, take the percocet before it does, keep taking it for at least a couple days), how to best elevate my ankle, and when to see him for follow-up. He also said (I would totes use a blink tag for this if any browser still supported it) that he expects to put me in a walking boot at the follow-up! Which will be in about 2 weeks! WOO! I thought once he was there (and since I heard a nurse tell another that the surgeon working in the OR before us was closing) that we’d be back there pretty quickly, but it was after 8 when I saw the anesthesiologist (which is part of pre-op, and if things had happened on the original schedule, I probably would have seen him around 6-6:15) He pushed something that made me slightly woozy into my IV and then gave me a local anesthetic to numb my left leg in order to give me a nerve block. I’ve had 3 surgeries for my right ankle, and never got a nerve block before, so this was exciting. They use an ultrasound wand to look at the nerves and plastic tubes a la IVs to inject the nerve block (both the super tiny tube that goes in with the needle and then the needle is removed, and the bigger tube to the tiny tube that transports the meds, though instead of a drip bag these are in a syringe). They needed to do two for me, one near the front above my knee and one near the back above my knee. The first one was the back-of-leg block, and that’s where the local was injected as well. It was super neat to watch, and it felt WEIRD but not painful. I guess the back of the knee there’s an nerve cluster, and they had to move the little tube around a lot to get it all, and there’s fewer nerves at the front. I took pictures during the second one, but the local anesthetic hadn’t quite saturated that area so it hurt at times when the tube moved around (I think he may have bumped the nerve once, because mostly it was mild ouchie but once it was ‘whoa ow’ and once it was “WHOA OW” but just for a second or two. The anesthesiologist and the nurser were super impressed with how chill I was during the whole thing. I found it more fascinating than scary.

Surgery con’t, recovery and immediate future:  A little while later they took my glasses and wheeled me back to the OR and got me on the operating table and hooked me up to various machines and joked around and were generally nice. The hope was to do twilight sleep so I would wake up faster, but I suspect they had to do general anesthesia because afterwards I noticed my throat was a bit sore. (They have to intubate during general anesthesia–with twilight, you get a nose-piece to give you extra oxygen, but no throat tube). Apparently I was awake for a while afterward before I realized it/can remember being awake, and did a lot of slurred talking, as drugged up people do. But the hilarious/embarrassing thing was that when The Boy came back to see me during recovery I told my ortho that he was hot and asked The Boy take his picture because I told my friends he was hot. Dr. Bear said thank you and please don’t (take the picture). I have exactly 0 memory of this. But when The Boy told me the whole story after, (he didn’t realize I didn’t remember it,) I gave him permission to film me any time I’m sedated, because that is HILARIOUS. And super embarrassing. But hilarious. The first thing I remember post-op is eating cheez its and drinking ginger ale and then Nurse Jackie taking them away so I could do something (I don’t remember what, but it might have been go pee–there was definitely a post-op bathroom visit). Apparently I wet myself during the operation (that pesky bladder couldn’t handle so much intravenous saline solution after so long with no water I guess) and the nurse bagged up my undies for me while I peed. Then out to the car in order to fill mah belly. (I have iffy memories of the bathroom break and going to the car–I’m sure, logically speaking, I was in the wheelchair traveling to both, but I absolutely have no memory of it, just remember the actual going to the bathroom and the getting in the car.)

We went to a diner in Glen Burnie called the Honeybee Diner, which was GREAT. I devoured 4 pieces of stuffed french toast with vanilla pudding and strawberries (and tons of whipped cream!)…it’s called stuffed but really the pudding is just on top of it but under the whipped cream and strawberries/strawberry syrup, a side of bacon, several onion rings, and a good bunch of The Boy’s home fries. (He had an omelet with home fries and toast, and we split an order of onion rings, of which I think I ate a little more than half, but didn’t finish his food because he hadn’t been starving all day. I wanted to finish his fries for him but didn’t want to leave him with none when he reheated leftovers.)

I didn’t fall asleep until almost 3 (I just wasn’t tired after all that sedation, so I didn’t try until almost 3, really) but ended up waking up around 6:30 to pee, so I took my meds then. The nerve block was still in full effect (it basically feels like pins and needles all the time in my toes. and probably the rest of my lower leg, but since it’s in a splint and the toes are all that I can move, it’s hard to tell, it just is numb) and I should probably take another now, so that whenever it DOES wear off I won’t be miserable. The Boy brought my knee scooter in so I can be a bit more self sufficient while he’s at work (the crutches are fine for some things, but carrying stuff from fridge to counter is hard, and carrying beverages is right out). I have to check in with work to see when they want me back (the doc wants me off all week, but because of my time off issues, I might have to go back sooner, though I got the firm order not to be back before Thursday) and make my follow-up appointment. We discovered over the weekend that the treads on the stairs to the basement are wide enough that I can crutch down with little difficulty even though there’s not a lot of bannister support, so I’ll probably spend some of my recovery netflix-ing and playing video games on the xbox and some of it up here snoozing and internetting. FSRD is doing head shots on Sunday, so I’m hoping to make it out for that and Sunday practice (to WATCH of course), but I’m not going to make a final decision on that until Wednesday, when I’ll have had at least 1 full day of dealing with post-op pain without the nerve block. I don’t want to push myself too fast and set my recovery back, but I also don’t want to convalesce more than needed! Dr. Bear is hopeful I’ll be back on skates before the season ends, which is also great news.


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  1. What was the news that you haven’t shared anywhere yet???

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