Recovery Update

Wow. Nerve blocks be serious business guys. I ended up at the ER last night, but I’m okay. details below the cut, but I took my meds right before starting this so I can’t guarantee coherence all the way through 😉

So they told me the nerve block would wear off sometime yesterday (they knew it would last into part of Tuesday, but not how long exactly) and to start my percocets before that happened. I woke at 6:21 am to pee and took my first dose (1 pill, 5 mg) and took my second around noon. The nerve block wore off at 4 pm. It was really fast, like one second my toes were still tingly and then suddenly my medial malleolus was hurting. Instead of waiting 2 more hours, I took another pill. Over the next couple hours the pain got worse. at 6, because I couldn’t yet take more percocet, I took some ibuprofen. I just kept toughing it out and then suddenly I was in tears it hurt so much. It was after office hours, so I called the answering service for my ortho, and tried some breathing exercises to help keep the pain down. The Boy called to check on me while I was waiting to hear back from the on call doc and decided to rush home. he was so scared and wanted to help so much but of course there was not a whole lot he could do. At 8 I took 2 more percocet. I had to call twice to get the on call doctor to call me back (apparently the first call resulted in him getting paged at dinner. he apologized for taking so long when I finally talked to him) he suggested unwrapping the bandages on my splint and we did that, and waited about a half hour to see if that would help. It caused a small bit of relief but not enough so we went to the ER.

I have nothing but good things to say about the Baltimore Washington Medical Center emergency room. The Boy pulled up to the drop off, got me a wheelchair and I sent him to park while I wheeled myself in. The girl at the information desk immediately got up and helped me over to registration and got me set up there. I got called back to triage within 10 or 15 minutes, and in triage they told me they’d put me through the “express” area and there was only 1 person ahead of me so it’d be pretty quick. I think we were there maybe a little over 2 hours, total, which is definitely my shortest ER visit ever (and I’ve had to take quite a few over the years!) I think we waited about half an hour between triage and seeing the med team (intern, PA, and nurse) who unwrapped my splint further (we rewrapped for travel) and then cut the batting loose so I was totally free of it. The sudden lack of pain washed over me as they last of the splint was off and it was like the best feeling in the world. They rewrapped my splint more loosely and the medial malleolus started to hurt but far far less (definitely not bad enough that, had I been home, I would want to go to the ER)…before they rewrapped me, I had told them I didn’t think I even needed pain meds after that, but I changed my mind after a bit of sitting around rewrapped. They gave me a shot of dilaudid and some little pill that was supposed to dissolve in my mouth (but needed a little assistance on that!) that I can’t remember the name of (started with an L I think, not that it really matters)…the dilaudid kicked in while we were doing the discharge/insurance paperwork. They also prescribed some plain oxy (percocet is oxycodone plus acetaminophen, and the worry with that is liver damage from the tylenol, so the plain oxy is to supplement the percs) and we visited our local 24 hour pharmacy on the way home as I expressed my pain free love of everything 😉 The Boy didn’t think the pharmacy counter itself would be 24 hours, but it totally was! (his concern is totally justified, all the restuarants in the area close at 10 pm at the latest, for example, and it was midnight when we pulled into the parking lot at the CVS) I took my next dose of percocet when we got home so I could stay ahead of the pain, and then went to sleep

Today when I woke up (at 7ish) I was a bit wobbly still but took my next dose, and spent most of the day (until 5 or 6) drifting in and out. Late afternoon seems to be the swell-iest time for my ankle, I had to take my first plain oxy around then too. At 7 I had to unwrap my ankle (which the ER gave me permission to do) and I can’t directly ice it when it feels this bad (which, again, is not as bad as it was yesterday) so I put an ice pack behind my knee instead. At 8 it was time for my next regular dose of meds, so I took 2 instead of 1, and hopefully things will stay within this range of pain (or below!)

I called the organization? company? that handles my work’s FMLA and disability requests and got both of those submitted. FMLA is futile, because I haven’t worked at my job for a full year yet so I’m not eligible, but they have to do it anyway apparently. They also submitted a short term disability request, which will hopefully be granted, so I can avoid losing my job (though if it’s not, our first step is “written warning” so I won’t be in danger of that right away, but still) and I can check on the status of that stuff online, so that’s good. It should be available on their site starting sometime tomorrow. Things are not where I wanted them to be but they’re going okay.




2 responses to “Recovery Update

  1. I’m glad you went to the ER and got help. Hopefully your leg will start getting better and better.

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