The Healing Proceeds Apace

I kind of can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Wednesday is basically a big blur to me. I know I hung out and listened to/slept through podcasts but basically my memory goes from coming back from the ER to sleeping and only getting up to pee several times and then today. Meds be serious business, yo. Fortunately, I don’t need them as badly anymore. I’ve been on ibuprofen only all day.

I’ve still slept a ton. I needed an extra oxy last night and when I got up this morning to pee it was very difficult to keep the stream going, I felt like I had less muscle control than normal, so I don’t want to take it again unless I mega have to. (this was an oxy on top of 2 percs I had taken a couple hours earlier, the previous time I took it was 1 perc and then a supplemental oxy an hour or two later) fortunately, since I have been doing fine on ibuprofen today, I probably will not need to take multiple percs at one time, may not even need them at all.

I took a shower this evening! It takes a lot of spoons to decide to do it but not that many to actually do it, don’t know why. It seems so much more tiring to consider than to actually do.  I feel so nice and clean! My cousin is picking up my library holds for me tomorrow so I’m glad I’ll be a bit presentable when she brings them by.

My medial malleolus is still the least comfortable of my parts,  though at times the lateral one lets me know it, too, sustained damage. I was able to ice all afternoon, but now it’s starting to feel like the ice pack is too much pressure. It is clearly getting better since I couldn’t ice it at all after like 2 yesterday and had to rely on icing the back of my knee only. I’m taking the ice off now (10 pm) and unwrapping it a little bit to relieve the pressure, hopefully tomorrow I won’t need to do both (or maybe either!)  It’s ibuprofen time, so I’ll take that, and we’ll see if in the next two hours I think I need the percocet or not. Hopefully not! But not the end of the world if I do. When I need it it’s usually due to twitching in the healing leg as I sleep. What’s weird is it seems to mostly happen at night. I sleep during the day without twitching being painful and waking me most of the time. It’s the same amount of sleep at a time, too, because I wake up every couple hours at night (this week, anyway)…mystery!

Zelda stepped on my leg this afternoon, the little kitty jerk! But she missed all the worst-to-step-on parts. Fitzy’s been sick for the past two days, but he seems to be feeling better, he’s upstairs visiting now. Hopefully he barfed out whatever was making him feel bad.



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