Injury Update

If we’re FB friends, you probably already know everything I’m gonna put in here about my condition, but there will be some talk of disability/FMLA time too. Saw the very handsome Dr. Bear on Monday…

It was my hope that I’d have a walking boot and be walking, assisted possibly, this week. Dr. Bear, or as The Boy calls him (in order to embarrass me), Dr. McHottie Bear, removed my stitches (which, this is the first time I have had regular stitches! I like the ones that dissolve better. And the ones that aren’t stitches at all but are like tape strips of glueyness (wow, spellcheck is not even touching that one) like I had after my hardwarectomy! even though it was super gross looking) and took a look at my x rays. Getting stitches out kinda stings. And even when it doesn’t (it’s the rubbing alcohol being pulled through the holes via the string that makes it hurt) it feels WEIRD. Dr. B said that I’d still need to use the scooter all the time with the boot, but that I could take the boot off to shower (showering with the vinyl boot cover is ANNOYING) and that after a couple weeks I could swim even! I was a little disappointed, but not hugely. I went upstairs to the PT department to get my boot. It turns out that my insurance does not, in fact, cover the boot, so I was sent back downstairs. As I was the last appointment of the day, I got to sit around while the receptionist from PT and the receptionist from the ortho office tried to get ahold of Dr. B who had vacated his office. He said later he just had a feeling he needed to go back in, and he found me FBing in the waiting room. (If I had checked my FB while he was putting my cast on I could have asked him to stop, as like 50 derby people offered me their old boots! alas) He wasn’t thrilled to be putting me in a cast, but apparently it was the only option. I got to pick out a color (purple, obviously, as FSRD is purple, teal, and black and they never have teal or black bandages)…this was the first time I was to be awake while getting a cast (the previous one I had was put on while I was still out from surgery, back in 2012) and it was basically what you’d expect. Dr. B kept trying to mold it with his hands as it firmed up and I told him the Boy had been referring to that appointment as my second date with him and I’d have to tell him that Dr. B gave me a massage. Fortunately he was amused, and referenced the pottery scene from Ghost, noting that the scene didn’t end with an awesome purple cast though. With the cast, I’m not walking, showering bare-legged, or swimming for 4 weeks. I’m pretty bummed about it, but it’s not the end of the world.

While I was there I gave the good doctor a form to fill out for the company that does FMLA/Disability benefits for my job. I got turned down for both FMLA (because you have to work somewhere a year to be automatically eligible for it) and disability (which surprised me!) but the company said that with some extra forms, they may approve FMLA anyway, and this was one of those forms. Turns out there’s another form, too, so I have to figure out how to get that filled out. I also didn’t ask for the form for a temp handicapped parking placard back when this started because I thought I’d be walking this week and knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere at all during the week post surgery, but now I wonder if I ought to or if it will take so long there’s no point. I’ve also been sick twice since my week off in unrelated ways (1 migraine, 1 maybe migraine? it was like a migraine but with super mild headache, just the nausea and dizziness mostly, made worse by strong smells) which is super stressful because I’m out of sick time already and if the FMLA doesn’t get approved then I’m basically gonna get in lots of trouble at work. When I missed work Tuesday, I was crying I was so worried about it. It’s really scary to think I could lose this job because of stuff I have no control over.

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