Update to that Update!

shortly after posting my boss called me upstairs because he had just gotten off the phone with the company that handles our disability/fmla stuff.

It turns out that I was approved for ADA (disability) for my leg and they might approve me for it for my migraines as well (since I have yet to get an appointment with a new neuro, I’m going to see if I can get the info they need from my old one to speed things along)¬† My boss always has me up to his office for chats rather than discussing work stuff on the phone so I didn’t immediately assume “omg I’m fired” but it did cross my mind a few times in the elevator and I tried to prepare for it just in case. For the next several weeks I’ll be working a different file room (the one I am in is the busiest and right now I can do the least with regard to that stuff, so it makes sense) but I’ll be back down here when I can walk again.



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4 responses to “Update to that Update!

  1. dixie

    HOORAY FOR GOOD SOLUTIONS! I hope this leaves you with nothing to worry about besides healing and being an awesome Mels. ILY.

  2. I’m so glad that it has been approved and is of your mind now. You can concentrate on healing!

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