the wait is almost over.

on Monday I get my cast off. I will be released from this hellish prison! I WILL BE ABLE TO PUT LOTION ON MY LEG AGAIN. (It really needs it. Casts leach moisture out of your skin like whoa) AND SHOWER WITHOUT A VINYL BOOT SHAPED BAG ON MY LEG! IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!Particularly because I’ve been having a rough time of it. I’m less ridiculously tired than I was, but I am ridiculously tired and have basically spent 6 weeks laying about when not at work, with a few exceptions. Since skating helps supplement my medicinal antidepressants, not skating or doing much of anything is, naturally, having the opposite effect. So all the various annoyances of daily life with a cast tend to grate a lot more. I’m pretty down most of the time, and hope that once I start physical therapy that will help. I’m still working on finding a therapist, too, which will also help, if I can figure out a way to see one without missing work (because I live too far to do the long lunch/start early thing I was doing before to see the previous therapist and anyway that didn’t really work out so well, not-missing-work-wise….)

DCRG had their championship bout! I managed the penalty box. DC Demoncats secured the number 1 spot, Scare Force in second place, Bombshells in 3rd and Whips in 4th. The end of season party also happened, and thanks to the kindness and generosity of Malice, I got to go despite my paychecks being very small due to absences for injury and illness. Both of these were Saturday events, which are a lot easier for me to not miss for sleeping. I managed to swing by one of the Wednesday night practices for Free State last week, too, which was great, I really enjoyed seeing everyone. Hopefully the trend of needing slightly less sleep than I had been will continue upward exponentially and I’ll be off my leave of absence soon, seeing everyone on the regular and watching practice again.

I got my hair cut on Monday! It’s megashort again. One of the skaters in our league is a hair stylist so I went to her, and she did a fab job. I super love it.

otherwise I spend my time watching tv, sleeping, working, and playing Pixel Dungeon on my phone. hence the radio silence here….


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