Yesterday I was Head NSO for the first time. It was a learning experience.

So yeah. Yesterday I was Head Non-Skating Official for Free State Roller Derby’s double header. It did not go as badly as I feared, nor did it go as well as I wanted. However, I would say overall it went pretty well. I would also say the problems that did happen were my fault. And that’s okay! (the derby itself went great, btw)

So, the good: we were fully staffed, almost everything during the bout went smoothly.

The not so good: during the bout there was a scoring error. It was fairly dramatic but did not, ultimately, have an effect on the outcome. The worst part of this was that the scorekeeper was so upset with herself about it. It was her first time NSOing and I feel I inadequately prepared her for it. We had to replace her with one of the second game NSOs for the last 10 or 15 minutes of the first game.

the actually bad, though it did not ultimately ruin anything: I did not think about the fact that, as head NSO, even for a non-sanctioned game, has to do paperwork stuff before the bout. Also I hadn’t NSOed since before I broke my leg, so I was pretty out of practice.

Ultimately, it was all fine and next time it’ll be better (but if there’s a hiccup we’ll handle it just like we did yesterday)


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