A Lot Has Happened

so I’m using list format today. Number two has some mild grossness, if you’re sensitive to that feel free to skip to 3 after the first sentence.

  1.  Meredith’s memorial was earlier this month. It was in Manhattan, where she lived. The Boy and I took a day trip up for it. Since it was his first trip to NYC we also did some touristy stuff. It was a mixed emotions kind of day.
  2. On the train ride home, I started feeling sick. We got back at like 1 am. By 2:15 I was in the bathroom every hour, ejecting the contents of my gastro-intestinal system. (Except 7 am. I took 7am off, probably because I ran out of stuff. I had a few sips of water after the 6am one, though, so I was back at it at 8) we went to the ER and learned that I had a stealth UTI. No symptoms until extreme spewing from both ends. They said to take two days off work (which, since Wednesday was Veterans day, and I still felt bad Thursday, meant a 1 day work week)…I really wish I had my sick time. my workiversary is this coming Monday, though, so at least I’ll have it then.
  3. I retired from skating roller derby. It’s meant to be temporary, because of money issues and learning to understand and somewhat control my bipolar issues. It makes me sad but my friends on DCRG and FSRD (and other leagues which I’m less affiliated with) were super supportive and understanding. I am still occasionally NSOing, and will attend Free State events when I can.
  4. our house was trying to kill us! The furnace vibrated open this thing that sends all the soot out the chimney, so instead it was going into the house. But we didn’t know that. We just knew that sometimes when the heat would run the laundry room smoke detector would go off. The first time, our landlord was not concerned but the second time he arranged for someone to come next day (today, specifically. Saturday! yay!) We slept with my Deadly Lamarr-gifted space heater running (and even on low, with the windows open because the Boy thought it would keep us safe from carbon monoxide,  it got too hot and I turned it off in the middle of the night) and now the house heat is fixed (and with a new filter!) so we won’t die. from this. here. probably.
  5. I played the sample of music for cats for the cats. none of them seemed super into it. Fitzy didn’t care at all, Zelda may have cared or maybe just liked sitting on my lap, and Pico was mildly interested but could have just been hungry. *Shrug*

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