Yesterday was Thanksgiving

well, American Thanksgiving anyway. The Boy and I celebrated a rare weekday off for both of us by not going hiking after all and by slow cooking pot roast for our celebratory meal. Instead of Ritual Sacrifice with Pie day we did Not-so-Ritual Sacrifice with Cookies day. The cats took up the family-fighting slack in a surprisingly adorable way (Fitz and Zelda were grappling and Pico ran up and batted at them and then they all sat around looking uncomfortable). I finished watching Jessica Jones, The Boy played some Fallout. We got caught up on The Daily Show and I put ornaments on the Christmas tree. It was nice. Many friends and family members posted what they were thankful for over on FB. I’m thankful for a lot of stuff; the basics of course: roof, food, bed. The standards and semi-standards: friends, family, employment, roller derby. Mostly I’m thankful for the ladies and gents of Free State, who welcomed me so wholly into the fold and are so supportive of me at all times, and The Boy, who somehow manages to continue to surprise me with how much he loves me,  who takes care of me so well when I can’t take care of myself, who never makes me feel like I am a burden, even when I am.


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