Still Alive! Not Buried Under Several Feet Of Snow!

It blizzarded here over the weekend but we have survived. The Boy and I are ridiculously sore from shoveling (I couldn’t sleep last night until I had 600 mg of ibuprofen AND iced my wrist with my ankle icewrap) but we’re doing pretty well.

Friday the snow started, but didn’t come down very heavily. Saturday was the actual blizzard. The Boy shoveled the porch and front steps Friday, and shoveled small sections of the driveway as well as the porch a couple times Saturday. I did the front walk Saturday while the weather was quiet; Sunday was the big shoveling day though.

Today I actually feel like I was a super slug, even though I didn’t do a ton of work this weekend at all. Today after I got up I went outside to play in the snow (it won’t pack enough for snowmen, alas, though I could get a good snowball core), then I came in, had lunch, watched last night’s X-Files premiere, and napped for several hours.

On Saturday someone (or someones) plowed the street a few times; as we are not a main road and when there was a tiny amount of snow last week the main road didn’t get plowed, we assume it was done by a good samaritan and not a county employee; there are about 6-8 inches on the road but we’re still not gonna try driving on it. Fortunately we don’t have to yet, and hopefully by the time we do it will be plowed. Although there’s reports of an ice storm Thursday and another snow storm over the weekend so who knows.

In other news, I haven’t had much to report, hence the long silence, but I’ll try to check in a little more often. I’m officially (and temporarily!!!) retired from roller derby, but I can’t wait to get back to it when I can, and I will be helping NSO Free State bouts whenever possible, and am still in touch with DCRG’s officials in case I can NSO with them as well. It’s good not to feel like I HAVE to volunteer (which is an entirely internal pressure, not one from DCRG or from FSRD, who are so supportive of my taking time)…I miss everyone SO MUCH but I need to take this time.

I did go to the FSRD end of season banquet, where I was awarded “The Head NSO We Need, Not the One We Deserve” award! ❤ And I got to get all fancy and see my friends again (and get reminded of how awesome they are and how much I miss them! And how awkward I am socially, lol)

Earlier this month I turned 35 with little fanfare but I got a pan of brownies! And I visited my grandmother the next day (which is her birthday), and had a very nice visit. Otherwise, things are just work and home, work and home, complain about the commute and snuggle cats. I need to exercise more, and eat better, so while the derby aspect of this blog is on hiatus, I may use it to talk about those achievements and setbacks.



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4 responses to “Still Alive! Not Buried Under Several Feet Of Snow!

  1. I’m so glad you survived the snowstorm in reasonably good chair.

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