I broke a fence with my body

This was an exciting and fun-filled weekend! And also I broke a fence. With my body. (I’m pretty much fine, don’t worry.)

A friend of mine from roller derby has been hosting monthly game days at the amazing home he shares with his boyfriend and their roommate. In addition to ALL THE BOARD/TABLETOP GAMES EVER, there are pinball machines, arcade cabinets, a video game LAN set up downstairs (often with Mario on it!), a kachinko? machine? (it’s a complete mystery to me and I like it that way) and also a play station on which we play jackbox games and I think we play the bomb defusing game on the x box. SO MANY GAMES, YOU GUYS! And since a billion people come to play, it’s a potluck, sometimes with a theme, sometimes not. This month’s theme was Pi(e) Day. I made a pie that was very tasty and got lots of compliments on it and I am very excited about that because YAY ATTENTION FOR ME I LIKE THAT. So that’s what we did on Saturday. We ate a billion pies and played some games and decided to not eat again ever (or until sunday late afternoon, as it turned out)

Sunday afternoon we went to our very first open house, right down the street from our rental. That’s right, we’re dipping our toes into the pool of real estate. Possibly we will go for a swim (buy a house). Or not. Who knows?! (We sort of do, but you know, life, curveballs, etc, nothing is definite until it is, blah blah) We dressed up like grownups and fangirled all over the house (The Boy would probably marry that garage, I would happily spend more time getting to know that kitchen and also the wood stove, we both had strong feelings for the master bath). But before all that, I broke a fence.

So knowing it was going to rain Sunday afternoon, I got up at 10 (sooooooo early 😉 ) and went outside in my messy-chores-shirt and jeans and raked out the garden-y area in the corner of the yard next to the driveway, with the goal of uprooting all the bittersweet vine so actual flowers could grow. (And also so we can continue to see if there is oncoming traffic throughout the growing season.) I was tugging out a particularly stubborn root when it let loose and I went flying backwards into the fence and then onto the ground. The fence is purely decorative; it’s the sort that is two boards suspended between posts, and this one defines the corner of our property as butts up against the neighbor’s property, so it’s 3 posts arranged in a triangle with the 4 boards connecting one post to the other two. My arm hit the top board on the neighbor’s side and that plus my shoulder in the post busted the post, as it was rotted at the base. When I fell to the ground I put my right hand straight down to catch myself, and then I made terrible keening noises for a minute until I got control of the pain. It’s just strained, or jammed, or something basic, not sprained or broken. But I’ve been wearing a brace on it most of the time since. I cleaned up all the yard waste, snipped all the other bittersweet down by the ground so it would at least take longer to grow huge, and put everything away, which was probably not the smartest thing to do but it’s done now. I can push doors open and crank our shelves open and closed at work, I can do most things really. The thing that hurts most, weirdly, is pulling up my pants!



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3 responses to “I broke a fence with my body

  1. Hurting when you pull up your pants is the pits. I have that problem when arthritis in my hand is bad. I’m glad you’re okay, for the most part and YAY for good pie.

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