house shopping

A lot of my time lately has been focused on house hunting. The Boy and I are looking to purchase a place. We started looking extremely casually earlier this year, but a couple weeks back we got a realtor and last weekend we toured some houses. It is really fun and also scary.We saw five houses last weekend; 3 of them got nixed for various reasons, the other 2 are staying in the mix. We’re seeing 4 more this weekend. I fell for one of the two we both liked. It’s lovely and I can see how our furniture could go in it and the yard is a certified wildlife habitat with tons of pollinator-friendly flowers. I did a test commute from the MARC station I’d be using. I researched delivery food and grocery stores and banks nearby. I figured out how we could have a sitting room The more reasons I had to like it, the more doubts bubbled in the back of my head. Nothing concrete, really. Stupid, not big deal things. “But I wanted to design my garden myself!” “The closet doors need replacing!” “I hate removing wallpaper!” (the wallpaper is in the bathroom, nowhere else.)  “We might need more furniture!” (the living/dining room is huge) Like, two of those might be a little expensive but these are not huge issues. We haven’t settled on this as the house but I am getting cold feet, I guess. (while simultaneously browsing for curtains and furniture with it in mind because I am a ball of contradiction).

It’s a gorgeous house, though.


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  1. House hunting is just generally exciting, whereas house-BUYING is a terrifying and painful slog through paperwork and bureaucracy. Thus the contradictory feelings.

    I have every faith you’ll manage.

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