Depression ProTip #2: If you see something, say something.

Mah girl with some tips on supporting depressed friends

shards of sound

Depression is insanely varied, but it almost always comes with some form of disconnection and alienation. Suddenly you don’t want to bother your best friend; everything you do or say becomes a burden. And it’s hard on the other people, too. I get that. Because “holy shit, they are dealing with some real, deep things, and I have no idea what to say” is something I feel, too, and I *know* how they feel. Empathy can be really difficult sometimes, especially when grappling with life or death matters.
So what do you do when they need to reconnect with you, but you have no idea what to say? You ask them. You say “what do you need?” Chances are they’ll say “I have no idea,” so here are a few communication tips that worked for me that you can suggest. Remember that depression makes most of us process things a bit differently…

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