Updates, stream of consciousness style

we close on the house at the beginning of November. we have to be out of our rental at the beginning of December. All weekends of November, minus Thanksgiving and maybe a friend’s birthday, will be painting and moving. and moving and painting. there is an alarmingly large portion of the house that is a terrible orangey apricot color and I need to change that before there is furniture in the house. and also there are a couple rooms I want to change the color just because. but it’s most important to get that terrible apricot out. I was sick for two weeks and got my first colonoscopy because of it and now I’m passing a kidney stone that is worse than the ones of the past decade but not as bad as the first few I passed, in high school and college, but it is making me very slow and deliberate and also craving potatoes all the time but that might not be the kidney stone.



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2 responses to “Updates, stream of consciousness style

  1. What colors are you going to paint?

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