Mango Madness Snapple-induced tears

This morning I started crying in a downtown Walgreens. Because of Mango Madness Snapple.

It’s weird how grief leaves you alone, you start to feel like you’re getting used to that emptiness, then it blindsides you out of nowhere.

For her…fourteenth? fifteenth? birthday, Meredith celebrated with a trip to Comedy Sportz and a sleepover at her dad’s. We had a blast. When the improv cast asked for a murder weapon, we decided the best option was a bathtub full of Mango Madness Snapple. (Meredith’s idea. They did not choose it, despite 5 or 6 pubescent girls shrieking it over and over at them. They chose a spoon. Far less hilarious.) I hadn’t ever seen Mango Madness Snapple anywhere, not at that point and not since.

This morning on the train I decided I would stop in at the walgreens and then, if needed, the cvs, to get some bigger juices (the ones sold at work are 8 ounces) so I can work on passing my kidney stone, because I don’t drink water fast enough all the time (but with juice or soda or anything flavored I tend to take a drink every minute or so until it’s gone-probably the sugar). I wandered to the grocery section, thinking about whether or not to post a joke about being intimidated by pidgeys like the raptors in that scene in Jurassic World, and looked at the options. Mostly tea. On the top shelf were giant bottles of Snapple. Most of them were tea. One of them was Mango Madness Snapple. And I laughed and I teared up and I went to CVS.



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3 responses to “Mango Madness Snapple-induced tears

  1. That’s grief for you – sneaking up when you least expect it, just to let you know it’s still there. 😦 *hugs*

  2. I don’t think we ever truly let go of grief, sadly. But the flip side of that is that M is still with you, which is kind of beautiful. I’m sorry it was a tough moment – did you drink a Snapple?

    • I did not. I went to a CVS (did you know they’re the same company? I think they’re the same–I saw the same generic store brand lemonade at both) and got turkey hill lemonade and strawberry lemonade and a quart of oj

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