I am NOT good at it. I am, in fact, terrible at it. I mean I cook okay, I’m great at home improvement and handyman stuff. But to me that’s not adulting. I was painting rooms and fixing toilets that don’t stop running as a tween. I started learning to cook in high school because my mom was sick of making stuff for me.

I learned to balance my checkbook in high school, too. But in high school, I didn’t really have expenses except what I felt like buying, so it was easy and boring and I stopped doing it.

For a decade and change I have had actual bills. I have never gotten the hang of tracking them and my paychecks so everything gets paid on time. I tried using Quicken. I’ve tried using Mint. I’ve tried homebrew spreadsheets, which actually worked pretty well if I remembered to do them at the end of the month for the next month, but I was terrible at remembering to do that. Now I’m trying another homebrew method: google calendar. I have a calendar dedicated to bills and paychecks. I just finished setting it up. I will report back how it works out. Fingers crossed it does. My debts could have endangered my security clearance. Happily they didn’t, and I have a start date for a new position within my company! Yay!



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  1. i hope it works out for you. One of the best things about Google products is it’s seamless integration. I’ve been using Google’s calendar & Gmail to keep track of my bills for a good while now. I get Google Card alerts on my phone about a week before something is due, and alerts for overdue stuff if i miss a payment.

    • so far I’m doing okay with it, but I also know I won’t be able to pay the next two bills I owe before the next payday. which, knowing is good because I can contact them beforehand, but also crappy because now I’m carrying that around

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