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Why I’m not attending the women’s march in DC tomorrow.

Let’s get this out of the way: if you are going, I think that’s awesome. I think it’s very important to demonstrate in a multitude of ways what you want from your government, and protests are a completely valid way to do so (not that you needed me to validate you!) However, I’m choosing to sit this one out.

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Last week I was home most of the time (I took a trip to the library on Saturday) so I had a break from commuting and dealing with strangers. This week I have been back at the office. There are some things I’ve noticed that I want to discuss.  (I’ll probably have a post about the terrorist attack in SC up in a few days, too, though I don’t know if I have anything new to add to the discussion. It may just be a collection of quotes and links.) It’s taken me a little while to put my feelings about these things into words.

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Lots of derby this weekend; doing it for 57

It was a very busy weekend for me. I had lots of event invitations and 2 derby bouts and a practice all scheduled. I didn’t get to do all the stuff I wanted to do. I did a lot of sleeping though! Basically all I did was the bouts and sleeping. because OH MY GOD SO TIRED. Luckily that should be a bit of a smaller problem now….

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Talking Misogyny and Feminism.

There’s a tumblr post I see periodically that says something to the effect of “misogyny kills. misandry hurts feelings.” I posted a screencap of another tumblr post that showed bits of news articles about misogyny and violence/treats of violence and captioned it with corresponding comments I’ve read/heard/been told. (I’ll put it under the cut in a sec with my added commentary) and a friend of mine (who, despite the fact that I was being honest when I told him I felt sick to my stomach and incredibly anxious whenever I post about feminism because of the dread I feel about his* comments, he is someone who I like and enjoy being friends with in general) commented with what could (and I’m sure, is, by him and others) be seen as a totally reasonable response. I’m gonna go into this all behind the cut. Before I do, though, I want to thank said friend for respecting me when I asked him to stop commenting. I very strongly appreciate it.

*he is not the only person who evokes this visceral reaction in me with facebook comments, I should also point out, though this reaction is almost exclusively evoked by male friends commenting on feminism/feminism-adjacent posts.

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A statement against all forms of oppression and in direct support of #TeamHarpy

However uncomfortable these revelations have been for us as a community, it is important that we can freely challenge, critique, and debate such behaviours. Radical Librarians Collective strongly believes that this is the way a resilient and supportive community can evolve towards true equality, and this cannot be achieved reactively. Radical Librarians Collective believes in creating and propagating safe spaces by consciously examining our relative positions of power.

We believe that the lawsuit launched by Joe Murphy against Lisa Rabey and nina de jesus  sets a dangerous precedent of hampering open discussion of such issues. Litigation will put many more women at risk and will alienate those whose voices vitally need to be heard in order to ensure safe spaces. Abuse in itself occurs under domination. Stripping victims of their means of defence amounts to victim-shaming, and that is the message that this litigation sends.

Read more at:

A statement against all forms of oppression and in direct support of #TeamHarpy.

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Deep Thoughts: Misgendering as violence and why you need to stop

An excerpt from my friend Jane’s blog. Please go read the rest!

Well, it is incredibly dehumanising. It’s invalidating. It’s othering. It means that whatever efforts this person has gone to and if you know anything about gender transition you are aware that it is a process that is so difficult it often – too often – results in a person killing themselves; it is indescribably arduous and painful, whatever their presentation, whatever their wishes, that it’s not “good enough” to be judged female. That furthermore, the person has proactively chosen to refer to them by a word or name that this person does not wish for themselves.That’s pretty disgusting. That this person has gone through this process that is acknowledged to be so difficult as to literally kill people, and is coming to you from what is acknowledged to be a position of deep vulnerability, and the response is to choose to invalidate all that, to choose to, to their face, explain that you don’t think they deserve to be treated with the dignity of any other woman.It is exactly equivalent to using an epithet to refer to someone’s ethnic background. You know they don’t want to be called that, but in your head, they are that, and you are referring to them as that despite their wishing to be treated like a human. The way you want to be treated.

via Deep Thoughts: Misgendering as violence and why you need to stop.


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Resources list

I’m working on creating a website listing  tolerance/civil/human rights resources (currently focused on race but to be expanded to QUILTBAG, feminism, children’s rights, and physical and mental illness support organizations) in multiple levels: local, state/province, national, and international. People want to help, but they don’t know how. People need help, but don’t know where to get it. I want to make a site that will make it easy for them to find what they need. But, particularly for local organizations, I need your help! Comment here, email me, reblog, retweet, share on facebook, email this post to your friends and family. Let me know about organizations I should check out for this project. There’s a list of the ones I’ve already found/been told about here.


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