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Why I’m not attending the women’s march in DC tomorrow.

Let’s get this out of the way: if you are going, I think that’s awesome. I think it’s very important to demonstrate in a multitude of ways what you want from your government, and protests are a completely valid way to do so (not that you needed me to validate you!) However, I’m choosing to sit this one out.

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Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day and Ends Mental Illness Awareness Week

So I’m going to tell you two coming out-related stories about me. YAY! I’m doing this today because I internet about 99.9% less on weekends than on unemployed weekdays (ie ALL THE WEEKDAYS FROM MAR 1 2013 TO OCT 24 2014! SOOOOO glad to be getting a job, even if it means less time for very fulfilling volunteering.)

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Deep Thoughts: Misgendering as violence and why you need to stop

An excerpt from my friend Jane’s blog. Please go read the rest!

Well, it is incredibly dehumanising. It’s invalidating. It’s othering. It means that whatever efforts this person has gone to and if you know anything about gender transition you are aware that it is a process that is so difficult it often – too often – results in a person killing themselves; it is indescribably arduous and painful, whatever their presentation, whatever their wishes, that it’s not “good enough” to be judged female. That furthermore, the person has proactively chosen to refer to them by a word or name that this person does not wish for themselves.That’s pretty disgusting. That this person has gone through this process that is acknowledged to be so difficult as to literally kill people, and is coming to you from what is acknowledged to be a position of deep vulnerability, and the response is to choose to invalidate all that, to choose to, to their face, explain that you don’t think they deserve to be treated with the dignity of any other woman.It is exactly equivalent to using an epithet to refer to someone’s ethnic background. You know they don’t want to be called that, but in your head, they are that, and you are referring to them as that despite their wishing to be treated like a human. The way you want to be treated.

via Deep Thoughts: Misgendering as violence and why you need to stop.


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Resources list

I’m working on creating a website listing ¬†tolerance/civil/human rights resources (currently focused on race but to be expanded to QUILTBAG, feminism, children’s rights, and physical and mental illness support organizations) in multiple levels: local, state/province, national, and international. People want to help, but they don’t know how. People need help, but don’t know where to get it. I want to make a site that will make it easy for them to find what they need. But, particularly for local organizations, I need your help!¬†Comment here, email me, reblog, retweet, share on facebook, email this post to your friends and family. Let me know about organizations I should check out for this project. There’s a list of the ones I’ve already found/been told about here.


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Celebrate good times, c’mon!

1. DOMA and Prop 8 are dead! WOO!

2. I have discovered a new exercise: go in the ocean no farther than waist deep, squat in derby stance, try to keep both feet on the ground/avoid getting knocked over when waves hit you. (My calves are displeased with me in the best of ways. The Boy’s are more unhappy with him.) One of your feet will inevitably get moved for you, but it’s still a good workout!

3. except for one day when I was around 700 calories over (Monday), I’ve done a good job of keeping my calorie counts reasonable in relation to my exercising, so hopefully I won’t gain those 6 pounds back this week. Speaking of which, did I mention I’ve lost 6 pounds since I started derbalife and PUYJ?

4. Love is legal. CELEBRATE!


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Brand new day?

So, yesterday the US and Puerto Rico voted for president and veep, senators and reps, local government positions, and various referendums. The White House and Senate majority remain in the hands of the Democratic Party, the House majority remains in the hands of the GOP. Marriage Equality was passed in three states and a fourth chose not to ban it. Most of these are things I’m pretty happy about. But I’ve spent most of today in a funk. I was talking to my mother last night about Thanksgiving plans (which I’m totes psyched about–The Boy and I are having a tiny turkey-day dinner alone at his place. Except without turkey, because my mom can’t have red meat so when I cook holiday meals for my parents, I can never do roast beef and yorkshire pudding as I desperately long to do, so we’re doing that instead. thus ends this aside) and she asked me who I voted for. This is not unusual; she’s asked after every election. (It pleases me to note that she never has to ask IF I voted, btw.) I told her and followed it up with the statement that “more importantly, I voted for Marriage Equality.” Her response? “Ugh.”

When I was in 8th grade, my mother told me that if I liked girls, it’s okay and she still loves me. (At the time, I did not harbor any same-sex tendencies, but as I do now, I have treasured the sentiment.) When I came out, my parents laughed at my fears of being turned out. So it was quite shocking to me to find that my mother does not believe I should be treated equally by our government, depending on who I chose to spend my life with. Because we often have political disagreements, she refused to explain why she finds the concept distasteful, saying she didn’t want “to fight on the phone” about it. I spent the rest of the night and all of today feeling as though I have been punched in the stomach.

Please remember that behind the political debates are people.


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Capital Pride!

This weekend was Capital Pride in DC. On Saturday some of The DC Rollergirls skated in the pride parade. On Sunday I ran main-stage security as a volunteer. And got too much sun. And a migraine. And saw SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. And didn’t even squeak or shiver when someone poured two ice cold bottles of water down my back to cool me down. (Although I DID wish I had worn a bathing suit, so my underwear wouldn’t have been soaked….) I asked a drag queen on eyeliner advice, and was relieved to see that the gay men’s chorus is made up of normal, human looking gay dudes instead of the ridiculously hot gay guys that were swarming the place. Proof that not all gay dudes are stereotypically amazing-looking. OH and the fabulousness of it all! It was lovely.

I also did some skating this weekend, and some posting here in the blog, so if you missed those because it’s not my usual schedule, check ’em out! Also, go read excellent SFF author Jim Hines’ blog post about the right to say “no.” It’s also fabulous.


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