I am the most capable ever

I’m the best at adulting! LET ME TELL YOU HOW GOOD AT ADULTING I AM, FOR LO, I am kind of terrible at it.

Today was good. Walked to the metro and still got to work early, got trained on how to do some more stuff, did said stuff. Then I stopped being capable and started being spazzy. It’s all¬†mostly Seanan McGuire’s fault.

I’m reading Symbiont by Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) and I was so engrossed on the train I missed my stop. I forgot I was planning on taking the bus from the station which meant taking a different train from a different station (there are a couple near my work) so I was on the regular train and then I missed my stop and went to College Park. I calmly got off the train and looked up the appropriate bus route home. and then waited for ever because the appropriate bus wasn’t coming for half an hour. Then I spent the whole ride wondering about which stop to get off because they don’t have a thing telling you where all the stops are, just where SOME of them are, and I suspected there were several near where I live but I couldn’t know for sure where because this was not my usual bus line, and I got off a little farther away than I needed to…but no biggie right? and then I got home and fed the cats and started on dinner and did dishes and when dinner was ready (spaghetti and ragu-style sauce. by which I mean a meat sauce, not a jarred sauce by Ragu) I spilled it on the floor. That’s when I re-framed the evening from “capably handling lots of minor inconveniences” to “I AM SUPER CAPABLE QUEEN OF THE ADULT WORLD.”

although it’s been pretty okay since, so *Shrug*


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